NY ISO Grid CO2 Intensity

About this site

The ny-power.org site is a demonstration using kubernetes and mqtt to provide real time events from the NY Independent System Operator data. It answers the question "what is the current CO2 emissions for an additional kWh of power right now" by combining real time info and 2016 data on CO2 / MWh / fuel type burned in NY State.

The NY ISO provides near real time information about the state of the grid (example). The raw data for this is posted as a series of CSV files for public consumption at http://mis.nyiso.com/public/. These contain 5 minute resolution data, and are updated every 5 to 20 minutes. The only way to process these are to poll frequently.

The ny-power app makes it possible to access an event stream of this feed through a series of microservices.

How CO2 intensity is calculated

A set of simplifying assumptions are made to approximate CO2 generation per kWh. These are documented in the github source. Like any model or simplification, these are approximations made based on the information at hand. These numbers should be used as educational information only, and not be considered definitive.